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MotorSports History

Motorsports history begins in July 22, 1894. when the first car race took place. It was organized by Paris magazine Le Petit Journal. It was considered a reliability test and not a speed race. The first car across the finish line was not the winner.
The next year in 1905 was the first recorded competitive car race. Also held from Paris to Bordeaux France. The winner was Emile Levassor in a Panhard 4 hp car. It is considered the first Grand Prix race. Grand Prix translates to Great Prize which was offered in that first race.
The first Car race held in America was held on November 28, 1895. It was a 54 mile race that started in Chicago's Jackson Park and ended in Evanston, Illinois. Frank Duryea, won the race in just over 10 hours at an average speed of about 7.3 miles per hour. The Duryea brothers (Charles and Frank) were the first American manufacturer of automobiles in 1896.

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